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GEM awards are given to recognise colleagues who have gone above and beyond in their work. They are nominated by fellow colleagues and a GEM panel, made up of colleagues, makes decisions on a quarterly basis – always a very difficult decision.

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Going the Extra Mile

GEM awards are given to recognise colleagues who have gone above and beyond in their work. They are nominated by fellow colleagues and a GEM panel, made up of colleagues, makes decisions on a quarterly basis – always a very difficult decision.

Tracy Duggan, Service Manager, Bede’s Close

Tracy Duggan

Tracy was awarded the GEM award for her work at Bede’s Close where she is service manager:

“Tracy is working towards her NAS Accreditation and has been implementing the development of partnerships in her local area. Tracy and the team have done this so successfully she has obtained a number of donations to develop a sensory garden to the rear of the property. All three gentleman who live at Bede’s Close experience sensory processing difficulties, so having an outside space that can support the meeting of these needs will be extremely beneficial, they have also built an amazing pond from scratch!

The motivation and hard work from Tracy and her team has gone above and beyond and have established a sense of service development through any means possible! Tracy has encouraged colleagues to build relationships with local community groups and has joined in in local events in order to ensure her service is ready for accreditation, but most importantly a warm and comfortable space that meets the needs of the people that live there.

The Ops Team look forward to seeing the service’s historic upcycled raised flower beds donated from the restoration project of the Alhambra Theatre in Bradford!”

Ashley Wilson, Head of Service Development and Quality

A number of GEM awards were presented at our annual conference:

Staff team at Lindisfarne Court

Nominated by Carol Marley, Health & Safety Manager:

Lindisfarne Court

The team have been supporting one individual who is at high risk of choking. Colleagues have recently successfully administered emergency first aid following two choking episodes. The outcome for the individual was very positive. Colleagues acted in line with best practice and additional techniques demonstrated in recent training.

The team should be commended for their competencies in an emergency situation and their continued support and management of risk to this individual.”

Ibrahim Popoola, The Old Vicarage

Nominated by Toni Fyfe, Head of Operations – Complex Care:

Ibrahim Popoola

Ibrahim Popoola works as a support worker at The Old Vicarage in Stockton and has done a significant amount of work building up relationship with Faisal. Faisal has achieved so many outcomes with the support of Ibrahim and the team. One major outcome was re-engaging with his faith and attending the local mosque which was due to Ibrahim’s input.

He contacted the mosque leaders and explained about Faisal and his needs, scoped what was safe for Faisal and explained this may or may not work and how he may present if he is not happy.

Ibrahim was not due at work on the day of the visit however he visits the mosque to pray on a Friday so volunteered his time to help Faisal achieve this outcome.

Here is Ibrahim’s narrative of the visit:

“Faisal’s visit to the mosque was alright, I went inside the mosque to survey, met just 6 people and informed the mosque administrators about Faisal’s visit, then on the Sunday I took Faisal to the mosque front door, then I took him into the mosque. He remembers all the mosque routine, sat down and I started saying prayers so he could join in too. Faisal was filled with different emotions, he was literally vibrating, he expressed anger, remembrance and calm on his face in those order, after some minutes he joined me in the prayer with a single word “Laila” (only 1 God). He wasn’t loud in the mosque and two of the mosque administrators came to shake his hands. I took him out after 15 minutes as more people were coming in. The time of visit was very important in the positive outcome of the visit.”

We would suggest the visit was better than alright!

Sandown Road Team

Nominated by: Ashley Wilson, Head of Service Development & Quality

Sandown Road Team

Sandown Road were nominated for outstanding practice around driving activities and well- being in the service. There has been a focused approach from all the team to get the people we support engaged in more activities both in the home and in the community. One gentleman is now walking 4k a night which is a huge achievement for him and a lady we support (who has been quite poorly of late) has been supported to make her own meals in the home whilst keeping up her favourite visits to the pub for fish and chips.

They are consistently celebrating their practice and activities on Workplace and we felt this should be recognised in a wider forum.

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