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The support team at Bede’s Close, along with Paul’s dad, all thought Paul would benefit from a sensory room where we had some spare space.

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The support team at Bede’s Close, along with Paul’s dad, all thought Paul would benefit from a sensory room where we had some spare space. Paul’s dad very kindly contributed financially to the project. He explained that Paul really liked the sensory facilities he had at school and at his former day care. He liked the dark room and touching and wrapping his hands around lights, and really enjoyed watching moving water bubbles. He also liked to be laid down when relaxing.

The room before:

Taking all this into account we set about doing our research! We then presented our findings and ideas to the team and Paul’s dad. Everyone was in agreement that it would benefit Paul once he got used to the new space.

Our research continued to ensure we bought the most appropriate equipment to meet Paul’s needs and that colours, light/dark were at their most effective. We bought a fish tank having taken on board how much Paul used to love watching fish when he lived at home.

Dark rooms are more beneficial for those with visual impairments like Paul. It was quite daunting painting our previously cream walls to black, but everyone was in agreement that the bubble light worked so well against the dark colour. Some additional LED STRIP lights helped to contrast the lights and bring the room together a little more.

The room was definitely taking shape with the addition of the 2 large beanbags, laser lights, music, fibre optics to create a waterfall effect and some mirror star stickers on the wall to create more reflection and break up the black walls.

and after:

We thought it only fair for our manager Tracy and senior Hanson to test out the new space first, judging from the look of them both they were enjoying the space a little too much. We hoped Paul would feel the same.

Paul finds change unsettling so when we showed him the space for the first time, he was supported by staff. Everyone was over the moon at his response. A thumbs up from Paul as he walked in a sat on one of the large bean bags, taking in the colour, then moving himself towards the bubble light and spent time watching the lights with his feel up on the wall and watching the bubbles change colour. I don’t think we could’ve asked for a better response!

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