The Work of a Service Designer

Cristina's story

I'm Cristina, a service designer interested in exploring social and environmental issues through creative approaches to finding solutions.

Written by: Cristina Mogollon, Service Designer

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The Work of a Service Designer

I'm Cristina, a service designer interested in exploring social and environmental issues through creative approaches to finding solutions.

Joining SJOG has allowed me to apply my skills and knowledge within an organisation with diverse fields of action and a focus on positive social impact. It is my first role in the social care sector, and after two years, I can say it's been an experience with many challenges, learning, and growth.

My job can take on different hues due to the versatility of creative tools. Service design enables me to use design thinking to meet people's needs and desires, improve services, and enhance efficiency from a human-centred perspective. Essentially, by understanding the various components of a service, including its participants and surrounding systems, I strive to identify opportunities for improvement. This may involve implementing a digital channel for faster processes or developing a new model for individuals with complex needs.

At SJOG, I've analysed existing services and created detailed visual blueprints to provide colleagues with insights into the operational and user experience aspects of the organisation's complex services. I actively participate in research projects, focusing on qualitative analysis to understand the needs, frustrations, and desires of service users. This research is a key input for designing desirable proposals for service users. An example of this is the review of the paper "A Life Worthwhile."

Click here to read the research paper:

And subsequent review:

To foster co-creation and creative thinking at SJOG, I have contributed to the Trailblazer Programme and conducted workshops that empower colleagues and provide them with new tools to rethink the challenges they face in their jobs. These sessions facilitate idea sharing and offer opportunities to develop and implement changes to improve the way we deliver services. Collaboration with colleagues is vital to the success of my work.

As part of the opportunities team, I collaborate on securing funding for projects across teams and services. In this role, I support shaping models, designing solutions, and disseminating proposals, ensuring they integrate insights from research, workshops, and previous work to present compelling ideas.

Navigating the diversity of services provided by SJOG and understanding the backgrounds and needs of the people we support are the most challenging aspects of my role, along with the inherent complexity of the sector impacted by regulations and global events. Nonetheless, I strive to inspire colleagues to think differently, encourage their initiatives, and leverage their knowledge. By working together, we can deliver meaningful, sustainable support that addresses current situations.

Cristina Mogollon, Service Designer

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